The Bearded Vulture is probably one of the most incredible and amazing bird which can be observed in the Iberian Peninsula. In Picos de Europa National Park, just as in other European mountains, the Bearded Vulture became extinct in the early-20th century due to the use of poisons and the indiscriminate hunting. Since then, this astonishing scavenger bird only can be seen on Pyrenees.

Cassanova. Adult Bearded Vulture

From 2005, the Bearded Vulture Foundation (FCQ) is developing a project for its reintroduction in Picos de Europa National Park. As a result of this project, the Bearded Vulture is returning to these incredible mountains. Nowadays, these young birds released every year from 2010 are getting that other wild Bearded Vultures from the Pyirenees can be observed in these mountains. 

Biziele. Young Bearded Vulture

Previously to the release of the birds, the FCQ has developed a hard work that is summarized in the Centre for Biodiversity and Sustainable Development “Mountains of the Bearded Vulture”.

Chloe. Young Bearded Vulture

TOUR DESCRIPTIONThe route will start in the Centre for Biodiversity and Sustainable Development “Mountains of the Bearded Vulture” in Benia de Onís, where a biologist belonged to the staff of FCQ, will accompany us in the centre with a guided visit and show us the most interesting aspects about the Bearded Vulture and the reintroduction project.

After that, the specialized guide will accompany us to the Picos de Europa National Park, in the surroundings of Covadonga Lakes, trying to find the Bearded Vultures. We also will visit the release zone and the habitat where the FCQ hopes they will adapt living and breeding, especially The Majadas, the places where the shepherds of the Picos de Europa Mountains care their cattle from march to October.

The majada of Belbín in Picos de Europa National Park

BIRD TARGET. During the journey other birds, especially raptors, could be observed: Golden Eagle, Short-Toed Eagle, Griffon Vulture, Egyptian Vulture, Red-Billed Chough, Yellow-Billed Chough and many other mountain paserines.

Egyptian Vulture

Young Golden Eagle