The Cantabrian coast is one of the most amazing Spanish birdwatching places to visit in from September to March, when most of the migratori birds journey from their breeding homes to their wintering grounds and vice versa. The Santoña Victoria and Joyel Marshes Natural Park is probably the best wetland in northern Spain to enjoy this amazing moment for many shorebirds. 

Santoña Marsh Natural Park

This fantastic Natural Park, is formed by the Asón River estuary in the Santoña and Laredo area and the salt marshes of Joyel and Victoria. This diversity of ecosystems makes it an appealin area to a great number of migratory birds.


Little Egret

Undoubtedly, here lies the presence of one of the largest number of Eurasian Spoombill in Spain and it is not difficult to observe Purple Heron.  

Eurasian Spoonbill


The beaches are a good place to watch different species of gulls and in the banks of the rivers and marshes a great and diverse community of little birds can be enjoyed.

TOUR DESCRIPTION: We will drive to Santoña and depending of the tidal state we will visit the viewpoint of El Arenal and the marshes of El Dueso and the Boó chanel. Afther that we will drive for 15 min. to the intertidal zone of Colindres, probably the best place to enjoy all kind of waters.

BIRD TARGET: In addition to Spoonbills and Purple Heron, it is easy to find Great Egret, Cattle Egret, Waders, Ducks, Grebes, Rails, Crakes, Gulls, Terns and a big group of passerines and even raptors.