Butterflies in Picos de Europa (II)

Some days ago, in one of our birdwatching routes in the surroundings of Covadonga Lakes in Picos de Europa National Park, we could also enjoy a nice group of butterflies

Aricia cramera (Morena Serrana / Browm Argus)

Aricia montensis (Morena / Mountain Argus)

Erebria meolans (Montañesa Banda Larga / Piedmont Ringlet)

Lasiommata maera (Pedregosa / Large Wall Browm)

Pararge aegeria (Maculada / Speckled Wood)

Polyommatus coridon (Niña Coridón / Chalk-Hill Blue)

Vanessa cardui (Bella Dama / Painted Lady)

All of them were seen between 1.100 m. and 1.400 m above the sea level. A nice complement for a fantastic birdwatching day.