Trip 6. Cares Gorge and the Big Five

The Cares River Gorge runs from Poncebos into the Picos de Europa National Park, and probably is one of the most breathtaking sceneries in Northern Spain. Is called "The Divine Gorge” and the path is carved in the rocks of the mountains. 

The Cares Gorge

It is a wonderful journey where in addition of the marvellous landscape is the best opportunity to observe our Big Five Raptors in one single day: Griffon Vulture, Golden Eagle, Egyptian Vulture, Short Toed Eagle and nowadays the Bearded Vulture

All of them, except the Bearded Vulture, which is returning to Picos de Europa after the extinction in the beginning of last century, breed in the mountains and clifts along the river. That is why during the breeding season (from march to August) is almost certain to see some of them.

Golden Eagle

Griffon Vulture

Regarding the Bearded Vulture, this amazing bird, was extinct in Picos de Europa in the mid 20th, but from 2005 the Bearded Vulture Foundation (F.C.Q) is developing a project for its reintroduction in Picos de Europa National Park. As a result of this project, some Bearded Vultures can be observed with others arrived from the Pyrenees.  

Deva, and Casanova. Two Bearded Vultures flying in Cares Gorge.

TOUR DESCRIPTION. The route begins in the village of Poncebos, with a rise for 2 km. (The only one during the tryp). The top is the best place to observe the raptors and probably the best balcony over the Cares River Gorge. Here, the most beautiful part of the route begins. The rest of the path is completely flat. All the route is fully accessible for anyone with a normal physical condition. 

Egyptian Vulture

BIRD TARGET. In addition to the Big Five Raptors, Cares Gorge is full of other mountain birds: Alpine accentor, Black Redstar, Ravens, Coughs, Common Buzzard, Common Kestrel...etc.

Rock Bunting

Black Redstar